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Re:Calif aquatic plant "regs"

>>People who would always choose in favor of protecting
the environment should ask themselves:  "How much am I
willing to pay the hobbyists and dealers, who are
being made worse off because of my actions?"<<

I couldnt agree more.In California, the CDA's prime objective is agriculture
issues. The plants they deem invasive are to protect the interest of
farmers, (invasive plants clog farm irragation ditches), they do not do
enviormental impact studies, per say. There are other enviormental groups
affiliated with the University of California however that do do and sponsor
enviormental studies of invasive plants, and post warnings of invasive
plants from places all over the country, such as the supposed invasive cryp
of florida and texas. What their relationship is exactly to the CDA, (calif
dept agri) I am not sure, and nobody will tell me from the CDA.

I support enviormental issues, but if I still lived in CA, I would not be
willing to give up my hobby just to make life easier for a farmer, or
sacrifice plants such as java fern, java moss, swords, vals, and just about
every stem plant, just because it has the "potential" of living in the wilds
of california drainage ditches. These plants are cultivated in Florida for
petes sake, and the climate there is even more condusive to those plants
than California is. Florida does have a massive problem with invasive
plants, both aquarium and "pond", but even they are not banning or watching
so many plant genera as CA apparently is.

Robert Paul H