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nitrate and potassium deficiency?

Is it possible to have nitrate def symptoms in a tank with measurable NO3?  
I ran out of test kit soln last month and haven't went and got another one 
yet, but recall having some at last ck.  I added duckweed to tank two weeks 
ago and it is basically "just" surviving.  Plants have slowed down quite a 
bit and bba and green beard/brush algae overtook tank last week after going 
w/o water change for two weeks.
Phosphates were "VERY" high before change too.
another question along line of rich substrate/DO topic: Would the extremely 
hard water in my area (OKC) have any affect on keeping the Fe in the soil 
(kitty litter) from getting to the plants, ie. could the slow down in plant 
growth be due to iron def rather than nitrate?
parameters at hand: 160 watts NO flor lighting 10 hours+/- 1, cylinder CO2 @ 
2bbl per second all day, very little surface turb., kitty litter substrate, 
1/4 tsp potassium sulphate weekly with 30-40% water changes.
pH just gets to 7 (dont measure much else than NO3/P)
any ideas are appreciated,

Oklahoma City Aquarium Association

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