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OK, now I've gotton my leaky tank fixed and set up again (thanks to
everyone on the list who gave me advice, thanks to Mike Boyle at SFAS for
giving me the Silicone...) (and I got rid of the virus...). 

Although it hasn't hit yet, I'm expecting another algae bloom. I always
get this hairy, tangled, clumping algae that chokes my plants. Sometimes
it gets so back that my fish get tangled in it! Generally, all I have to
do to remove large swaths of it is to stick out my fingers and drag them
through the plants. Still, someone told me that the Amano shrimp would
eat the algae, or some algae that looks similar (and besides, Amano
shrimp look neat!). So, the question is, how many shrimp would you
recommend long-term for a forty-gallon tank? I'm willing to help them out
manually in "crisis" situations.

Thanks for helping out a newbie! :-)

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