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shipping containers

Looking around on the internet, and judging from what others have used to 
send plants and livestock to me, one of the nicer looking contairs is 
Thermalok.  The web page (http://www.thermalok.com) lists the various sizes, 
but from them you apparently have to buy by the case (with a $400 
minimum...WAY more than I would ever need).  Does anyone know of some place 
to buy these in smaller quantities (i.e. four or five), or some place to buy 
similar products in small quantities.  I believe Gary Lange is who last used 
one to send things to me, so maybe he knows.  The walls of these are 1.5" 
thick, with a tight fitting lid.  They seem to me to be pretty good 
insulators ("pretty good" being the most scientific term I know to describe 
them ;)).  They are probably more expensive than the disposable styro 
coolers you can get at Wal-Mart, but much thicker as well (and wouldn't need 
another box around them for shipping).

TIA for any info,

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