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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1190

The issue of whether/how veggies should be cooked for herbivorous fish (eg,
plecos) has been discussed extensively on other lists. The consensus is that
it's better to feed zucchini, etc. raw rather than blanched, because more of
the nutrition is preserved that way. Also, it's less work and doesn't
disintegrate/pollute the tank as easily. Just rubberband it to a small rock
or attach to a lettuce clip to hold it down.

Fish aside, I find plenty of snails on the cucumber, zucchini and lettuce
that I feed my fish, so I guess the snails like raw veggies too. What snails
seem to love most, however, is cantaloupe. Just throw a piece of rind with
some residual cantaloupe meat into the tank after lights out and pull it out
a couple of hours later (while it's still dark. Like elves, snails typically
disperse at cock crow).

BTW, more fish than you would think (ie, most omnivorous fish) will nibble
on a tasty veggie/fruit if it's available. Some plant damage that people
attribute to (plant) nutrient deficiencies is probably caused by
veggie-starved fish.

> Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 15:52:58 -0700
> From: Susi Barber <wanderer35 at pacificcoast_net>
> Subject: Re: Zucchini
> Hi Charlie,
>> Cooked or raw?
> I blanch it, ie cut into slices and drop into boiling water for a minute,
> then dunk it in cold water, then put it into the tanks.  It just takes a bit
> of diligence to watch and wait for enough snails to gather, scoop it out by
> pushing it into a net so you don't have snails letting go, scrape them off,
> and put it back into the tank for another go, until it gets too soft and
> gooey (yum, yum! :)  )
>> Do the fish eat it too?
> yes, a bit, until too many snails pile on.
> kind regards,
> Susi Barber