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RE: Algae and DO

>Tom Barr speculated about the effect of high oxygen levels (DO - Dissolved
Oxygen) on algae in a high-input tank.

I also run a high-input tank with lots of CO2, light and nutrients. All the
plants bubble furiously. The only algae that occasionally grows is a thin
branching sort with pinhead sized bladders at each branch node. Dunno what
to call it, but it's a more complicated algae than all the others.

Doesn't oxygen "oxidize" things? That is, doesn't the oxygen molecule react
with certain other molecules as quickly as it can? Is it possible that the
algae is being torn apart by the reaction with lots of oxygen? Being a
simpler structure, perhaps the algae is more easily destroyed by oxidation.
Just speculation on my part, but it does appear that oxygen has a sanitizing
effect in my tank when the plants are really going.

Tom Wood
In Austin, Texas where we made CNN yesterday for having 20 days in a row of
100+ degree temperatures.