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Mosses/Ferns on the way

Hi, folks,

This is to let those who have written me in the last few days know that
the Christmas Moss is on its way.

Many of the kind folks who wrote me expressed their concern that I may
incur high postage costs.  I like to let them know that it isn't much,
a lot less than what they contributed to the Defense fund.

When the envelope reaches you, you will find that there's a funny looking
rhizome packed together with the moss.  It's a rhizome from the Narrow Leaf
Java Fern.  I have snip away the leaves so that I can squeeze it inside the
envelope.  But rest assured that it's not dead, even if it appears to be
so.  Just tie
it anywhere to a driftwood or rock and watch it grow.  It's a hardy plant
and can
resurrect itself even from just one leaf.

If you find a strand or two of Christmas Moss that looks suspiciously like
ordinary Java Moss, it could very well be that.  I do have some Java Moss in my
tanks and sometimes, they get entangled with the Christmas Moss.  You may also
find a strand or two of Riccia Fluitans somewhere in the moss.  Please
pluck them
away before you put the moss in your tank if you do not want to get infected.
It's practically impossible to get rid of Riccia from your tanks once they
take hold.

If everything goes smoothly, the envelope should reach you in about a week.
If nothing arrives after 2 weeks, please write me again and I will send you

I still have a lot of Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf Java Ferns, easily enough
to cater to another 30 requests if need be.

For those who have not been following this thread, my offer is this:

Make a contribution (no minimum amount) to the defense fund, send me an email
stating so, include your mailing address and a pack of Christmas Moss will
be on
its way to you.

If you have never seen the plant before, please go to:


Keep those requests coming.  If I have to, I will strip down all the moss from
my tank's backdrop.  There's enough moss there to cover an area 50 inches by
24 inches.  When I uprooted my Narrow Leafs just now, I was surprised
to find that they have grown to cover an area of about a 6 inch square.
definitely a lot of rhizomes in there.

You know, they say a rolling stone gathers no moss.  But you know what,
I very much rather be a moss spreader than a moss gatherer :)

Warmest regards to all,

Loh K L