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Re: Calif aquatic plant "regs"

> Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001 12:50:34 -0700
> From: Dave Gomberg <gomberg at wcf_com>
> Subject: Calif aquatic plant "regs"
> Alan Clark
> Pest Exclusion Branch
> 1220 N St #A-372
> Sacramento   CA  95814
> A report is circulating in aquatic plant circles that Draconian
> actions are being planned against the interests of aquaculture of
> aquatic plants and associated industries in California.
> Specifically, a nearly exhaustive list of genera of aquatic plants
> has been listed as "Q rated", meaning as I understand it, that their
> potential for good or harm to California agriculture is unknown.
> There is supposed to be some reason for suspecting adverse effects
> from the organisms, but according to Fred Hrusa of your department,
> when he doesn't know (hasn't any idea), he Q lists "just to be
> safe".
> I am sure you can see how this action could be seen as capricious
> and arbitrary by the industry and public.  I would hope you see it
> as unnecessarily negative.  Guilty until proven innocent is hardly
> the American way.
> I ask you to please review procedures in this area and ensure that
> sound science, not ignorance, is the basis for all existing and
> future decisions.
> I would appreciate a reply indicating your plans to investigate
> this problem area.
> By the way, my colleagues and I could be quite helpful in assisting
> your group in describing invasive species.  But we want to ensure
> that your actions are based on good-faith knowledge, not fearful
> ignorance.
> Thank you for your attention and cooperation.
> Sincerely,   David Gomberg


I dont know if you posted this to APD on purpose, or by accident, but here
is an excerpt from a discussion I had with our friend Courtney,

Ms. Courtney Albrecht's response:

How the public can participant in changing a rating.

You and your colleagues may participant in our investigation of
invasive aquatic plants.  Please send any of the following items to:

Dr. Fred Hrusa
C/O Courtney Albrecht
California Deaprment of Food and Agriculture
Plant Health and Pest Prevention Services
Pest Exclusion Branch
1220 N Street, Room A-372
Sacramento, CA 95814

Please send:

a) documentation of naturalized populations of any "Q"-rated aquatic
weed (include scientific name of plant, township, range, and section
of population, name and contact information of collector)

b) documentation regarding the sale and propagation of any "Q"-rated
aquatic weeds (include scientific name of plant, the percentage of
aquatic plant sales each species represents, and the source for each
species-whether imported from another state or county or propagated
within California).  All documentation must include the name and
contact information of each establishment and sales receipts or
invoices pertaining to the "Q"-rated species.

Dr. Hrusa and I will evaluate and verify for accuracy all information
sent and add it to the existing information for each species.  The
information supplied, if accurate, will be used in conjunction with
other research to determine permanent ratings for each "Q"-rated
aquatic plant species.

C. Albrecht
Agricultural Biologist

Yeah right! I am going to travel all over California to every pet
store and ask them for receipts!  The context of her statement was how
these outlawed plants impact the aquatic plant industry. She seemed to
be saying that if we can prove these plants are sold and a big part of
the market, that would be taken into consideration as to if they will
remain banned.

Courtney's email address:
calbrecht at cdfa_ca.gov

Dr. Fred Hrusa
fhrusa at cdfa_ca.gov

Steve Schoenig
sschoenig at cdfa_ca.gov
Not sure of this guys title, but he is much higher up in the chain of
command that Courtney. He is also on the board of directors of a state
weed program.  Courtney has gotten sick of my emails and will no longer
respond to them. Glad to see someone else is putting on the pressure. Go

Robert H