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UGF and Wet-Dry Eheim

I just recently made payment on a used 135gal that
will soon be in possession of.  It is coming with a
UGF plates.  My other two bigger tanks (75gal and
55gal) once employed UGFs before switching over to
canister filters.  So the plates just sit on the
bottom.  I was wondering if there was anyone on the
list who could think of an advantage to having dead
open space beneath the substrate.  Perhaps a downside
is that laterite dust, if employed, would settle on
the bottom.

Ok second question involves Eheim wet-dry filters.  It
is possible that I could get one for very cheap.  I am
wondering how the Eheim wet-dry would affect co2
levels.  Does the Eheim pull in room-air to do it's
thing, or is it sealed completely?  (I am wondering
how it would affect co2 levels).



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