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Re: Eriocaulon setaceum

Eriocaulons are a common group of aquatic and wetland plants in northern
Australia but mostly come from habitats that have to contend with very
definite wet and dry seasons related to monsoonal weather patterns.
Accordingly they are mostly annuals and regenerate from seed each wet

Eriocaulon setaceum is the most beautiful and most aquatic, with only the
flowers and seed head emerse. Although it looks like a "bunch" plant it is
not, but certainly will thrive in higher light and temperature situations as
well as quite soft and acid water parameters. A few of our specialist
enthusiasts have grown this plant through the complete life cycle. The seeds
are very resistant to dessication and will germinate after some years of

Bruce ( Hansen )
vicepresident - ANGFA Inc (www.angfa.org.au)
                      - ANGFA (Qld) Inc (www.angfaqld.org.au)

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> It is eriocaulon seatceum of thailnd origin. Rather difficult one in
> aqaurium conditions, but can grow faster in law temp conditions, around 25