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RE: Website for Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf Java Fern

> If you want to know how the moss and the fern looks 
> like and the conditions for their growth, please go 
> to:

> http://www.geocities.com/aironfire/index.html

Those are beautiful tanks.

I'm curious about the Cube tanks, though.  I've been
interested in setting up an odd shape planted tank,
like a hexagon, cylinder, cube or bow-front.  But I've
been unable to find anything of a decent size in a
reasonable price range.

Of course, finding ANYTHING related to fish or plants
in Mobile, AL within a reasonable price range is a
fruitless search, but that's another story.

Did you build the cube tanks yourself?  If so, are
they acrylic?  If anyone's built an acrylic or glass
tank with odd dimensions, I'd be curious to know the
approximate price range of your project(s).

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