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RE plant id (ton

thanks to hth and unni for there answers.
seems I wouldn't be able to keep these plants anyway.  My tank temps get too 
high. ;-(

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From: "Unni" <unni at orientalaquarium_com>
To: <the_submariner at hotmail_com>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 08:56:17 +0800

Dear Joe,

It is eriocaulon seatceum of thailnd origin. Rather difficult one in mormal 
aqaurium conditions, but can grow faster in law temp conditions, around 25 C
Currently 2 species of Tonina are available, Tonina fluvitalis and Tonina 
species.Both are considered difficult, but in my tank all three plants, 
Eriocaulon seatcuem, Tonia species, Tonia fluvitalis growing well. What I 
did, I reconstituted the R.O water to mainatin low GH and KH and also the 
temp is maintained at 25 C.

From: "weltschmerz" <weltschmerz at pacific_net.sg>
To: <Aquatic-Plants at actwin_com>
Subject: Re:  plant photo id
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 12:45:38 +0800
>Anyone have any idea what this is and how to acquire it?
>I found this on the ADH site linked from apistogramma.com
>there are also some pics labelled tonnia (sp?) also that would be worth
>having if possible.
>anyone going to japan? ;-)

joe, the plant in question should be tonina fluivitis . . . this is a plant
supposedly native to taiwan, and is very popular over there . . . however,
it is hard to grow in the tropics as it likes cooler temperatures, like 24
degrees celcius . . . there are a few subspecies . . . in taiwan they call
it the 'sun plant' -> direct translation . . .


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