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Website for Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf Java Fern

Hi, folks,

In response to the many queries about the Christmas Moss and Narrow Leaf
Java Fern, plants which I offered to those making a donation to the Defense
Fund, I've put up a website.

The website was hastily created, so I hope you won't mind if the links
don't work very well and the colours are a bit garish.  Hey, to tell the
truth, I knew nothing about creating websites until last night when my 13
year old daughter gave me a one hour crash course.

If you want to know how the moss and the fern looks like and the conditions
for their growth, please go to:


I hope the pics will spur you to either contribute more if you have already
contributed or make you think about contributing some if you have not done
so.  Just send me an email stating that you have contributed to the fund,
include your mailing address, and the moss or fern (whichever you prefer)
will be on its way to you.

By the way, I like to thank Michael Laflamme for his kind words and Dave
Gomberg for saying I was an honest man.  To think that I once crossed
swords with the latter and he never even got any moss from me.  Thanks,

Loh K L