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Thanks for your response

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From: 	Martin Ostrowski [mailto:maostro at yahoo_com]
Sent:	Tuesday, July 31, 2001 1:15 PM
To:	caleb at cushingco_net

I had much the same issue as you. In the end, I got a Fluval 204 for my
30gal and packed it full of floss and filter pad material. Since the tank is
fully planted, I don't need chemical/bio media.
The water is very clear thanks to that. My two comments: a) get a canister
filter that is easy to clean b) get a high capacity filter (the
manufacturers recommendations are way optimistic). I wish I had got a 304
since that has a bigger motor.
Compared to the Magnum HOT, the Fluval is a breeze to clean (I do it weekly
with water changes).

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