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Adding Iron

Tom Barr Wrote:

"It seems counter intuitive to many but adding more trace
nutrients will help if you have high light, CO2 etc..... I've run the iron
rich in my tanks (1.0ppm) over the years"

James Purchase Wrote:

"Caleb, chleated trace elements (Iron) can be very difficult to test
for......it sounds like you are running the risk of overdosing some of the
micronutrients by the way you are dosing. Add Iron ONLY and stick with the
PMDD guidelines regarding the other micronutrients"

Do you two have a difference of opinion as to the OTHER trace elements, or
was Tom primarily referring to Iron?  I.e.  Tom, do you recommend dosing a
Cleated Trace mix until Iron is at the desired level, or do you share the
concern that this would overdose the other trace nutrients, and therefore
one should add separate iron in addition a lower lover of Cleated Trace?

Thanks for the clarification.