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re: M3 CO2 System

> From: carline at pcshome_net 
> Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 08:53:24 -0400 
> I ordered a regulator and CO2 cylinder from M3 and got them in today. In
> the instructions it says that you should not need to open the cylinder
> valve all the way. However, I've heard that the cylinder valve for 
> anything (Oxygen, Propane, etc.) should be opened all the way to prevent 
> leakage.
> Any thoughts?
I was taught in welding school that you always open high pressure tank
valves all the way so the valve seals around the stem.  And you should
only crack open fuel gas valves (especially acetylene) so you can shut
them off in a hurry.  (Kind of begs the question what do you do with
high presure fuels, like hydrogen and LNG, doesn't it?)  Large
acetylene tanks use the same valve as propane.

Best regards,