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Re: Threads on CO2 canisters?

At 03:48 AM 7/31/01 -0400, "KC0HAK" <warrenwu at qwest_net> asked:
>Can anyone tell me the proper name for the thread type found on a CO2 
>canister? I'm planning on using a paintball canister with a standard 
>regulator with a minimum of adapters (My skin is pretty important to me). 
>I'm led to believe that the thread type found on paintball canisters is 
>the "NPT" variety.

CGA-320  (the CGA is Compressed Gas Association, maybe)

>Now, for all for all of you waiting in the bushes waiting to ambush me, I 
>am aware that in the long run a proper CO2 tank will be more economical, 
>but as of now, I simply don't have the money to buy one (I'm a high school 
>student). There are also no places to rent that I know of.

Talk to your local bar supplies companies.   They often rent real tanks.  I 
would have major concerns about trying to adapt a tank that is not intended 
for the purpose.

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