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Re: adding iron

The iron does precipitate out but it's not necessary to have a high reading
all the time. Once every few days (2-3 days) is fine. Recall that many
products add other things besides iron and some do not precipitate out. Iron
is a good baseline but it does not represent all micronutrients.
Additionally, iron precipitates and goes where? It does not evaporate:).
It either goes into the plant or the gravel where eventually it will be
reduced and become plant mass.
I have bad poor results when I run my iron down like many folks seem to
here. Plants do not look as good in any tanks I've ever had running a tight
low level of iron. It seems counter intuitive to many but adding more trace
nutrients will help if you have high light, CO2 etc. Many of companies
recommended levels are 2-3 x less since not everyone one has high light, CO2
etc. Hard water also needs more than softer water. I've run the iron pretty
rich in my tanks (1.0ppm) over the years. It seems not to cause me algae
grief for some reason.......but I have good CO2, light, and macro levels
Tom Barr