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StanPro Bulbs

Hi there, there is my first post on this list.
I just have to say thanks to all first for the plethora of information
I have gathered here going thru the archives.
As for my question, has anyone ever purchased any StanPro (Standard
Products Lighting Systems) bulbs before? I bought some T8 5000k 48"
fluorescents from them recently. I am using them for the new hood I just
built. However, I am curious to what the CRI of them are. They're
website is lacking to say the least. http://www.stanprols.com 

Can't even find an email address for them. They are Canadian based. They
were only $3.90CDN and being 5000k, i bought em. Called their
1-800 number a little too late, so I thought I would try here.