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iron usage

I have a 30 long tank, CO2 Injected (pressurized bottle), 110 watt cf light. 
It's been set up for about two months. everything is going well, very little 
algae. My parameters are  ph 6.5- 6.7 NO3: 4ppm  PO4 : .2ppm  KH: 5  GH: 7 
FE: 0       I add the recomended dose of seachem iron along with flourish 
everyday. about a half hour later i test for iron using the seachem test and 
the results are about .4. I then test 24 hours later and the iron is 0, so I 
repeat the process. I have been doing this for about 2 weeks. Is this normal 
to be using this much Iron? I have to add more Iron than macronutients. Am I 
right by adding all the micronutients even though I am only testing for Iron? 
I have all easy, fast growing plants right now- val, cambomba, swords- I also 
have microsword and moneywort. My microsword is the only plant that is 
suffering. Is this because of the Iron? Also one other question, My cf is 
made by all glass and they say the bulbs are 9325K, should I switch them out 
for 5500K bulbs?
Btw, this is my first real planted tank and I'm having great sucess thanks to 
this list. I appreciate all the help

Jeff Vamos
Cessnabum1 at aol_com