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Re: How Should Plants be Packaged and Shipped

Advice on economical plant shipping:

1.  Styrofoam box -- buy a bait box at Wal-Mart for

2.  Temperature control -- buy a freeze-pack/ice-pak
for less than 1.00 at your local sporting goods place.

3.  Bags -- I use fish bags.  An easy way to obtain
these is to trade with your LFS.

4.  Packing -- I use inflated bags, with almost no
water (per Gary Lange's suggestion).

5.  Shipping -- USPS Priority Mail ~4.00.

You don't need to spend 30$ for shipping.  I ship
plants like Macrandra out of Houston, so I have put
some time into coming up with this formulation.  I
think it works well.


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