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Re: How Should Plants be Packaged and Shipped

Thanks all for thoughtful responses.  David Luckie describes what seems
very good process for packing and a good tips on shipping.  
On the other hand, Gary Lange seems to suggest that Luckie's method can
lead to too much water and potential rot and presents a very different
method.  Gary suggests air drying a plant 5 minutes then packing in
puffed bag [my term, not his].

Can either be a standard?  Should we avoid vendors that do not use an
air bubble bag?  What about wrapping in wet paper and then placing in a
puffed bag?

Either way, a definite improvement is the use of the insulating
container as described by ROlesen104 at aol_com.  I doubt most vendors
would meet ROlesen104's standards--I had a recent shipment from AZ that
only had styro on four sides--but maybe they should.

Seems to me, styroboxes (or stryo panels on all 6 box sides) should be
a standard, at least for packages that might travel through hot or cold
climes and also for trip lengths longer than overnight delivery.

If shipments from Arizona in July and August are illadvised, oughtn't
vendors in that so caution prospective customers?  In very cold or hot
weather, a styro box might not be enough.  After all, 1.5 inches of
styro merits something like only an R3 or R4 insulation rating.

But, how hot or cold is too hot or cold?

Scott H.

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