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Re:Re: How Should Plants be Packaged and Shipped

>>I've been sending and receiving small boxes of fish for more than 17 years
and for the last two years have started mailing a lot of plants.  In many
cases it's not how the fish/plants were sent but rather the lack of
communication between the sender and the sendee...<<

Gary, you have a lot of interesting detailed suggestions here, but they are
all not very practical. aquariumplants.com $20 assortment package sounds
attractive, but add a $30 shipping fee to it, and suddenly it is not very
attractive any more. I can tell you how plants are professionaly shipped
from wholesalers like Florida Aquatic Nuseries to retailers all over the
country, every week of the year. A plain old garbage bag with wet newspaper
on the bottom, plant bunched together and layered on top, and wet newspaper
covering the plants on top. No styrofoam, no special packaging. Maybe an ice
pack. Foamed lined boxes add about 20% to the shipping cost, and cost twice
as much to buy as a normal box. The size of a standard fish box is also much
more expensive to ship that a normal smaller size box for plants. Labeling a
box that it contains live plants and shouldnt be exposed to drastic temps,
makes little difference. I have family that works in both the USPS and FEDX,
trust me, it makes no difference at all.

If you are not at home when the plants are due to arrive, why not simply
have the plants sent to your work address? Most people work in an air
conditioned building. I used to just stick them under my desk til quitting

Robert Paul H
Keizer,Salem OR
Where the high today is 60F and raining..