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Re: AqLFS in the DC area

> It is slightly more than a "hop" from Arlington to Randallstown where the
> Aquarium Center is located.  Figure about 65 miles if you take the
> Back roads will save time but get a good map!

Go to mapquest.com - they'll be able to give you excellent directions...

> Wally's Aquarium in Alexandria, Va carried plants in the past (I have not
> visited there in a couple of years) but their selection was poor and
> contained a lot of terrestrial plants.

I agree, I've also nitoced his buisness practiced are a little shady at
times - saw him add one of those little bags of shiny plastic crystals to a
customers selection that was on the counter...  The prices there are also a
little steep at times.  Oh, and he told my g/f that ich doesn't kill fish...

> Super Petz in Annandale, Va had a
> lot of tanks but their quality was inconsistent.

I really liked this store when I was living in the N. Va. area.  the head
manager of the store doesn't have a clue about the fish, but she has the
sense to hire people who do.  They had just set up several large plant tanks
with MH when I was moving.  There's not any of the more 'exotic' plants like
are availible over the internet, or trades in this group, but alot of the
good mainstays.  They also have a ton of fish - lots of cichlids, usually
some arowannas, lots of ottos, some killies, etc.  And, it's a pretty short
drive from Arlington...

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