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How Should Plants be Packaged and Shipped

I recently had some lizards sent across the state of Florida via US mail 
priority. They arrived in a cardboard box within which was a little styro 
cooler surrounded by balls of wadded up newspaper. Cost me $30.00 which 
included the shipping, but I'd pay it again without hesitation. They probably 
would die of starvation before falling to extremes of temperature in this set 

I think that within a cooler situation such as this lie the best hope of 
aquatic plants and animals for surviving transportation during the summer 
months. Ditto the dead of winter. Omaha Steaks sends their meat (frozen) by 
mail in this fashion as many of us have seen firsthand, but I'm sure their 
economy of scale kicks in at some level.

The question is: will the vendors of aquatic plants care enough to take the 
extra time, effort and expense to provide this option? Will their customers 
choose to pay for it? Even with a $30.00 shipping and handling charge, I 
doubt they are doing more than just breaking even on the deal.

...and unfortunately, a "deal" is all many people are looking for.

Bob Olesen
West Palm Beach