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re: the new plants arrived

I was expecting a delivery today myself.  I ordered 35 bucks worth from
azgardens.com and the stupid mailman didnt even knock (i have one of those
big metal knockers and you can hear it throughout the house).  Plus ontop of
that i live in Las Vegas and the high temp today was around 106!!!  So I was
even leary about getting any plants in tact today.  Supposedly they will be
re-delivered tomorrow but i dont expect much but a big pile of mush and some
newspaper.  Guess its really my fault for expecting to get any this time of
year.  Maybee i can strike a deal with azgardens to cover shipping and say
half my order cost...   damn...


>From: Amanda Toering <amanda at wheel_dcn.davis.ca.us>
>Subject: The new plants arrived....

>And what a disappointment! Thanks to all of you who have sent emails
>asking about them. Here's the scoop.