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Re:Re: The new plants arrived

>>That's how they pay their bills.  Place some freshly cut plants wrapped in
newspaper in an insulated box in the trunk of your car for eight hours(in
Florida, where the plants originated from) and see what happens.  I'm
surprised that you managed to save some considering the temps. we're
experiencing now. I myself have a lot of plants that I am going to offer for
free or trade to this group.  I live 90 miles south of New Orleans and  will
wait until the weather gets cooler.<<

It really depends on the plant. Thin stem plants travel the worst. I havnt
had any major losses reported to me by my customers this summer. I had
someone send me over 60 Cryptocorynes, and they had a few leaves turn yellow
only because I left them in the box for 4 days AFTER recieving them before
putting them in water. Swords,Anubias and ferns usually withstand any hot
weather during shipping.

If you are going to buy stem plants mail order during the summer, best thing
to do is order a little more than you need to make up for any loss, and
avoid very thin delicate plants like glossostigma.

Robert Paul H