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How Should Plants be Packaged and Shipped

So, would anyone care to describe one or several methods that should
stand as standards for packaging and shipping of live plants. 
Sometimes, when plants arrive dead it is the vendor's fault, sometimes
the deliverer, sometimes force majuer, and sometimes it's the buyer's
fault for ordering live plants by ground shipment in hot weather (how
hot is too hot?).

But it would be nice to have some kind a base against which to judge
vendors' performance.  If the packaging if poor, could be a vendor
would like to know so she or he can retrain the packing staff or take
other corrective action.

Puzzle:  If  " dis' "  with one "s" is short for "disrespect,"  what is
"diss." short for?  Maybe "Dissolving a business relationship"  :-)

Scott H

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