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Re: The new plants arrived

Most Aquarium plant retailers will sell and send plants if you order them.
That's how they pay their bills.  Place some freshly cut plants wrapped in
newspaper in an insulated box in the trunk of your car for eight hours(in
Florida, where the plants originated from) and see what happens.  I'm
surprised that you managed to save some considering the temps. we're
experiencing now. I myself have a lot of plants that I am going to offer for
free or trade to this group.  I live 90 miles south of New Orleans and  will
wait until the weather gets cooler.
   Sorry about your disappointment, but don't diss.  Aquariumplants.com.
Try them again when the temps. in the south are more tolerable.

                                Live Delivery Guarantee

All claims must be filed on the date of arrival, by contacting customer
service at; info at aquariumplants_com

Remedies are limited to credit being applied toward your next order, or
replacement of those individual plants.

No further warranty or guarantee is offered or implied.

Thank you!

     This is about all you can expect from a company that sells live items.

If I may offer some advice to the new people on this list that need to have
plants right now.  If you live in an area that gets hot or order from a
company based in a hot climate:  1. Pay to have them shipped by air, counter
to counter. 2. Buy what your LFS has to offer and wait until the weather
gets cooler to order what you really want. 3. Be patient,  watch this list,
you can usually get any plant you want for the cost of postage.
    Companies can be severly damaged by negative posts.  Take into
consideration, weather, shipping delays, type of plants and how the company
handles the situation before airing your complaint to hundreds if not
thousands of potential customers..
       I'm not ready to scratch them off my list..
My .02cents
<<Flame shield activated>>>
         Joe Mica-- Not affiliated with any retailer or wholesaler
P.S.           If your named in a law suit, then I will definitly scratch
them off my list.

From: Amanda Toering <amanda at wheel_dcn.davis.ca.us>
Subject: The new plants arrived....

And what a disappointment! Thanks to all of you who have sent emails
asking about them. Here's the scoop.