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Please help ID nutrient deficiency (photo)

I have a radican sword that I think is displaying symptoms of a nutrient 
deficiency. Its newest leaf, which is only a few days old, is only about 
half as deeply colored as the other leaves.

This isn't the greatest photo but it does clearly illustrate the difference 
in pigmentation between an established leaf and the new leaf.

http://wrongcrowd.com/temp/nutrients.jpg (8k)

I did some searching and found that iron deficiency can cause "transparent" 
leaves, but I'm new to this game and I don't know if this counts as 
"transparent" or something else. I don't have an iron test kit yet; can't 
find one available at retail in the Seattle area.

Tank info: Plain gravel substrate, pH 7.4, temp 78-80F, 0 ppm 
ammonia/nitrite, 10 ppm nitrate, 3 dKH, 5 dGH. Tank has .9W/gal (sucks, I 
know) and has been receiving PMDD (without which there would be no 
nitrate). There's half a Jobe's spike under the plant in the photo. It's 
about a month old... how often do you need to replace them?

I am assuming this is a nutrient issue and not a light issue because the 
plant managed to grow a new crop of decent leaves after I first planted it.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Matt Staroscik * KF6IYW * mstaroscik at home_com * http://wrongcrowd.com