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Re: DC area


<Hi everyone,  I hope to hop over to Aquarium Center in
Baltimore, if time allows.>

Get over to Aquarium Center at all costs!!..hehe. If it's plants and apistos you desire, then AC is the place in the DC area. The last time I was there they had A. borellii, A. cacatuoides, A. agassizi, and another that escapes me. Also, Pelvicachromis taeniatus (from 2 locales!!), awesome rams, and endless rainbows, plecos, even lamp eyes and tetras (unusual ones).

On the plant front, I picked up Eusterallis stellata, *good looking* Glossostigma(rare in these parts), and they had Amano shrimp as well as about 4 other species of fresh water shrimp. About 40-50 tanks w/ plants. 

I was impressed......

John Wheeler