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Re: Carbo plus

> Why?  The answer is totally clear:  at noon I replaced my Carbo Plus with a
> C02 tank system (from M3).  When I returned home 7 hours later, there it
> was...nirvana...pearling plants.  My dissolved oxygen tested at 8.4 ppm (up
> from 3-4 ppm average)

It can go higher(O2)

>and C02 29 ppm, yes this is too high (up from 10-15
> ppm).  

No that's not too high.
"too high" is above 35ppm or so. Fish get stressed some beyond that and
deaths start happening in the 50+ ranges. I shoot for 25-30ppm but that's
me. Some fish can survive way over 50 also. If you have lots of light from
PC's etc, 10ppm is not enough. Test the am and pm to see what's happening.
You might have a bunch in the evening etc or the morning(too much typically
then) but not later etc in the day.
>The new C02 system vs. Carbo Plus generated C02 effect was absolute.
> Yes, my Boston water is soft 3.5 GH and KH.

But not too soft. You don't need to mess with GH/KH at that range. Just do
your water changes with the old tap with no adjustments needed.
I thought you'd have better luck at that range of KH/GH though.
Tom Barr 
> If one of you is seriously interested in experimenting with the Carbo Plus
> to determine its true benefits and shortcomings, I am willing to loan it to
> support these efforts.   Let me know.