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Re:Java Fern

Bob Olesen wrote July 26:

>Speaking of planting Java Fern...

>at what point do most of you remove the adventurous little plantlettes which
>grow from the leaves - and what is your procedure for planting those little

>What about the Windlov cultivar?

I usually let them hang on until they break off on their own.  It makes for
a very dense bushy plant.  I have the Windelov variety and it behaves like
the other large varieties.  Since I wait until the plantlets break off on
their own, they usually are about two inches in size with roots about an
inch long.  I just pin them down them on the gravel with a pebble or two.
Actually, that is the way I plant everything---just hold it down with an
appropriately sized stone. I used to push the roots in the gravel, but I
don't bother any more, but let the plant grow new roots into the gravel.
The roots of any plant that has been rooted and then pulled up are pretty
much shot by the damage of pulling them out of the gravel.

Paul Krombholz, in steamy central Mississippi, where we got a bunch more
rain Thursday.