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Yea, I did it! / More on Carbo Plus / (a.k.a. Newbie #3)

Thank you all for your help with my intro into planted aquarium keeping.  If
you recall I have been searching for "direction" on my 29g 6 week old tank w
Carbo Plus, high lights etc.  I had an early major algae breakout, wrestled
with nutrients, over-handled my plants, etc.  I believed everything was now
correct, but still had slow plant growth and no pearling, ever.

Well, yesterday it finally happened.....my plants started to pearl like
crazy.   Yea!!

Why?  The answer is totally clear:  at noon I replaced my Carbo Plus with a
C02 tank system (from M3).  When I returned home 7 hours later, there it
was...nirvana...pearling plants.  My dissolved oxygen tested at 8.4 ppm (up
from 3-4 ppm average) and C02 29 ppm, yes this is too high (up from 10-15
ppm).  The new C02 system vs. Carbo Plus generated C02 effect was absolute.
Yes, my Boston water is soft 3.5 GH and KH.

If one of you is seriously interested in experimenting with the Carbo Plus
to determine its true benefits and shortcomings, I am willing to loan it to
support these efforts.   Let me know.