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re: pH test kits

James Purchase wrote <<Since LaMotte has apparently discontinued my pH test
kit (Model AG-21, Code 7462) which reads from 6.0 - 7.4, it looks like I
may have to look elsewhere soon, once my supply of reagent runs out. The
kit uses Bromthyol Blue Indicator.>>

James, I think you or someone previously posted about this. The last time I
spoke with LaMotte by phone they said they hadn't discontinued it, and I
ordered two refills of the indicator. (I can't see why they would
discontinue this one narrow-range kit.) At any rate, if push comes to
shove, you can use the Aquarium Pharmaceutical's bromthymol blue from their
pH kit. You can compare the two using the two LaMotte test vials. I don't
remember the exact number of drops of AP indicator I needed to get a color
match -- perhaps five.

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