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Re: Carbo Plus

At 03:48 AM 7/26/01 -0400, Scheele Juergen <juesche at earthlink_net> noted:
>Well, I remember a couple of years ago a huge
>"Fight" broke out on the premiere german Plant List
>between Zoo Zajac (inventor of Carbo Plus) and Dennerle,
>regarding the Carbo Plus method of producing CO2 through
>Dennerle pretty much stood their ground and proofed
>it with a lot of data and comparison.
>Zoo Zajac came in with Tetra as undersignee.

Clearly, since a CarboPlus does not work in soft water (this seems to be a 
universal experience), the Zoo Zajac explanation cannot be right.   Which 
means they need another one, preferably a correct one this time.

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