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Re: Fish stress, O2 and pH

>>I don't know about the O2 situation, but I think the
pH swings sound like bad news. .4 pH units in a day is
pretty hefty. The fish are clearly surviving, but I
bet if the pH stabilized they'd be much happier and
more long-lived.<<

Regarding pH swings.  In my Aquariology fish disease
book, it talks about procedure before introducing fish
into tanks.  It says that fish can tolerate very large
pH swings without ill effect, based on studies I
think, and not to worry so much about the pH.  It does
say to be careful about adding tank water to the fish
bag, as it may increase the pH and increase the
NH3/NH4+ ratio.  Also, for what it's worth, Jack
Wattley says that pH fluctuations are good for fish (I
have no idea what he bases that on).  So I wonder if
maintaining strict pH's is really important.  Also I
wonder if pH changes in natural bodies of water day
versus night.


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