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Re: Java Fern

Java Fern naturally grows attached to rocks or wood with the rhizome
exposed, and usually grow emersed most of the time. Some people claim they
have witnessed better growth when the Java Fern's roots grow down into (or
just onto the surface of) the substrate. If you'd rather not add a big rock
or piece of wood in your tank, attach it to a small rock and push it into
the substrate until the rhizome is just above substrate level. You can use
string or a rubber band to attach it to a stone or wood object, then once
its roots are established you can remove the string/rubber band. The roots
grip on most any kind of rock or wood, but probably grips better if the
surface is a bit rough or porous.

Dan Dixon

> From: "Gay" <ghemsath at att_net>
> Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 00:29:14 -0800
> Subject: Java Fern
> Hello
> I have a question about Java Fern
> Does Java Fern need to be attached to rock / bog / drift wood or can they
> root in the substrate / gravel ?
> If rock how large a rock and how do you attach it ?
> Also what kind of rock or is it just and rock ?
> Gay
> Alaska
> ghemsath at att_net