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algae update

A month or so ago I reported an outbreak of dark hair
algae after removal of a large amount of plants.

The only proactive measure I took was the addition of
3 ameca splendens.

The algae gradually subsided, and is now gone.  I
observed some algae grazing, but not what I would
consider a lot.  I have had a large increase in
Malayasian trumpet snails, that come out in huge
numbers at night to eat the algae on the java moss. 
This may be coincidence.

So what have I learned?  One doesn't need fanatic
measures to control algae (50 amano shrimp or 10
SAEs), provided you are taking care of the parameters
of the tank as best you know.  Light, co2, nutrients. 
Keep the plants healthy and the rest will follow--as I
suspected, in the case of my established tank.


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