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Solid PMDD

I'm trying to come up with a cheap and lazy way of dosing my PMDD.  I've
looked at dosing pumps and I've decided if I going to spend the money for a
dosing pump I want a nice one.  So until I can convince my wife I need $200+
to automatically feed my aquarium plants I won't be getting a dosing pump.

So in the mean time I've got an idea (laziness is the mother of invention).
Has anyone try to come up with a solid form of PMDD?  I'm thinking about a
time release solid form of PMDD.  Maybe I'm dreaming, but my ultimate goal
would be a "PMDD cube" that slowly dissolves over a week or so.   Maybe one
"cube" for every 20 gallons of water per week.

I'm guessing it is easy to do, but would be cost prohibitive.  Any ideas?