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Re: CO2 reactor

I can. And it'll work great. Where do you want it? Sump or floor or? I work
as a fabricator and will launching a pet product line shortly for an acrylic
manufacturing/hydroponics company. Gladly build to suit and larger projects.
I have similar models on 100-400 gallon tanks and they are extremely
efficient and useful with the lowest lag times. Every tank has great CO2
levels and are very stable even from the start. I can easily scale this up
even if you have a 10 million gallon tank. A smaller model will out later
this week or next for up to 200 gallons. It'll run about 45$ retail with
pump everything etc. Just hang it on the tank or sump and add CO2(it's
Tom Barr

> Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 09:35:34 -0500
> From: "Mitch and Jena Carl" <mjcarl at radiks_net>
> Subject: co2 reactors
> hi all, was wondering what would be the best way to inject co2 into a large
> plant tank (1600 gal).  do they make larger reactors for this size of tank?
> mitch