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Re: Various ways of adding calcium to the tank

I actually use 2 methods adding Calcium to my tank or R/O water:

On a good day,
I take a gallon jar of tank-R/O water, connect this
with a t-connector to my CO2 system, attach an air stone
so that the CO2 is bubbling inside the jar and then add
Calcium Carbonate (powder from the health food store) till I get the GH
I need.
You need the CO2 to dissolve the powder !

On a bad day,
I just simply use Concentrated Liquid Calcium (Kent Marine, etc.)
Its a supplement for marine aquariums.
Well, this one says :Calcium Chloride.

Hey, it's Calcium,
your mileage may vary and the Chemist on this list
may add a definition or 2,

My snails & plants love it and
it works for me.