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Re: java fern prices

At an LFS in Houston (Village Tropical) recently, they
had several bags of java fern for sale.  I didn't
think much of it, as they often have this for sale. 
But then I noticed a leaf in a tank, and thought, "hey
that's var. Tropica!"  It turns out these bags,
chock-full of java fern, were all var. Tropica. 
Apparently someone had brought in an entire
cooler-full of this plant (someone on this list?).  I
couldn't pass up getting a 12" specimen with many
leaves for 8$, even though I acquired a small specimen
a couple months ago.  Look around and you'll never
know what deals you will find.

Also this weekend I went to the Texas Area Killifish
Org. annual auction and picked up three plump, huge
American Flag-Fish (Jordanella floridae).  I was the
only one who bid and got them for 1$.  So those of you
looking for this fish, look up your local


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