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Re: Fertilizer question

"Mike Brown" <michaelbrown_ at hotmail_com> wrote:

>Recently I purchased a jug of chelated iron solution for my plants.  I found 
>that it was much cheaper than buying the plant specific iron sold in pet 
>stores.  The problem is that it also has several other micronutrients in it 
>including copper.  There is only .12% copper, but it says that it comes from 
>copper sulfate.  I know that copper sulfate is often used to kill unwanted 
>plants and algae in ponds, but it is something like 80% copper sulfate.  
>Would this small amount be damaging to my plants?  I have been using it for 
>awhile already and haven't noticed any problems.  Any advice would be 

I used this type of chelated mix for the garden for more than 2 years in
my planted aquarium without any probelms. I tried both the Fertilome and 
Dragon brands, and both have around 10% copper, as far as I remember. I did 
see no ill effects even in the long term, including my unwanted population 
of pond snails that never got a dent. I do bi-monthly water changes of about 

- Ivo Busko
  Baltimore, MD