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re: Bob's well water


It sounds like the water from your new well is probably coming out of
the ground oxygen-free.  You might want to store some of the water and
get it thoroughly aerated before you use it in an aquarium.  Aside from
helping prevent oxygen stress in your fish that should also drive out
the odor and give time for solutes in the water to equilibrate with air.

Your water should be nitrate- and phosphate-free.

With the water being that hard you might also be concerned about it
being generally too saline for use.  Hard water is usually safe for
irrigation use (and planted aquarium use) but saline water is not.

You might be able to find a complete analysis from wells of similar
depth near your home from the USGS or from a state agency.  You might
also be able to call a state or county agency (health department, or a
agricultural extension office, for instance) and get an informed opinion
on the water without having to spring for a full analysis.

Roger Miller