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Re: 2nd request, how to deal with Amazon swords

> Is there a way to prune them so that they still survive and look good?

Hi Catherine,
I will take a stab at it. (pun intended) :>
I pruned a large sword by about 50%, not to reduce size, but to improve
appearance. For some unknown reason, my bristlenose took a liking to it for
awhile and ate all the outside leaves which left it looking pretty sad. Out
of desperation I pruned all the out side, chewed leaves off. I pulled down
toward the gravel, very close to the plant, on stem of each leaf I removed.
That permitted the leave stem to be pulled away from the plant leaving no
stubby ends etc. It looks nice and the plant suffered no "ill effects". It
did give a "bare" look to the base of the plant because it now has more of
upward than outward set of the leaves.

Hope this helps