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re: planting plants


Sorry to be late to this thread, but I had to wait till the weekend when
I actually did some planting before I could remember just how I do it. 
It's been automatic for a long time.

I use the same method for stem plants and small to medium-size rooted
plants.  I hold the the base of the stem or the roots just below the
crown of the plant between my index finger and middle finger, just about
at the first knuckle.  The top of the plant is in the palm side of my
hand, so that if I were to turn my hand palm-up, the top of the plant
would be laying on the palm of my hand with the top of the plant
pointing up my arm.  I put the plant in the substrate with a short
scooping motion, fingers toward thumb.  The plant roots or base of the
stems are dragged into the substrate behind by fingers.  Once my fingers
are in deep enough I release the plant and use my thumb to push the
substrate toward the plant as I pull back.  That's all in one motion,
and it goes pretty quickly.

Leave the leaves on the lower part of unrooted stem plants to help them
stay anchored.  I trim the roots of rooted plants down to 3-4 inches
before planting and tuck any trailing roots into the substrate after the
main part of the roots are planted.

I didn't have to move any medium-sized plants, so I can't say for sure
how I plant those.  I don't think I've ever planted a really large plant
in any of my tanks.  I put them in small and take them out large.

Roger Miller