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Re: Second request, how to deal with Amazon swords

I didn't get any responses to my first inquiry, so I am trying again.  I 
really need to know if Amazon sword plants (E. Amazonicus? -- your regular 
kind, not a variety that stays small) can be contained somehow, or are only 
meant for very large tanks.  I have a 38 gallon that is about 90% full of 
plants thanks to Amazon sword "takeover".  Is there a way to prune them so 
that they still survive and look good?  It is overshadowing everything else 
in the tank.  I really like the way it looks, but in a short time I think I 
am going to end up with an "Amazon sword tank" instead of a planted aquarium.

If there is some way to control this monster, then great!  But if not, I 
would like it to go to a good home -- I need to trade it for something, 
because it is going to leave a huge hole if I have to take it out.