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Re:CO2 at night

> Request for Clarification:
> The reason I turn off the C02 at night is for fear that without
> photosynthesis the C02 content, relative to 02, will endanger my fish.

No, this is not true in a well set up tank. If your plants are growing well
there's no need to fear. You can either turn it on or off at night. It makes
little difference really. I've done both methods over a number of years in
different set ups. If you do use the off night method, you need a good
method of adding CO2 to your tank that's fast. I make such systems so I'm
able to build things to suit any need I have there.

> have been told, in addition to turning off C02 at night, one should consider
> turning on an air stone.  Is it truly safe to keep C02 on at night?  If I
> do, should I also turn on an air stone?

I did the air at night bit. (It) Did not do much nor did I see much reason
for it personally. You need to work on getting a decent system setup that
does not over do it! Watch your pH. Make sure it doesn't dip too low. Have
some decent current in your tank also. This will help mix the CO2 well and
give a more stable reading of pH and CO2 content.
> Request for clarification:
> Given my use of the Carbo Plus, if I am able to raise both KH and GH to
> proper levels with just CaCO3, is that ok, or do I also want NaHC03 for the
> Carbo Plus to have proper components in the water.  Given your formula
> above, (Ca++ and HC03-) it appears that I should use both, and then find the
> happy medium in KH vs GH levels. (If I use both, I assume my GH be
> influenced more than my KH?) .

No, you don't need both but both can work together. CaCO3 is not the most
easy to dissolve stuff. All you need know for now is really that you need a
source of Ca/Mg and a source of HCO3. Add a H to the CO3 and you get HCO3.
So you get both with CaCO3. We can go into this long discussion about it
all, but you have FAR more issues to learn than the details of this. To make
life simple on your self I'd add some SeaChem equilibrium(GH) and alkaline
buffer or baking soda(KH) and get them above 4 or so. Quit worrying about
that part and move on to the other issues of a planted tank. Just add these
to get your tank's levels to this and quit worrying. Your only going to
freak yourself out and not focus as much on other issues that you NEED to
deal with. It's in the archives anyway. This is old hat. If you want to look
into this more check there to your heart's content.