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Re Carbo Plus

Scott H. wrote:

"A block would have to last about 3 times longer than a 5 pound (net weight)
CO2 tank to be economical where I live.  But I'm pretty sure that they do
not provide that much carbon.  The unit itself costs as much or more than a
very good tank and valve set."

These things pull a lot of electricity to do whatever they do as well. I
enjoy my tank enough to justify (in my mind at least) the power to run the
lights and pumps, but I am aware of the irony of the environmental impact of
power consumption to create a "natural" setting in my home. A CO2 tank has a
one-time impact on the environment at the time of manufacture. I don't know
what the environmental impact of CO2 production is, but I assume that in
bulk, it is relatively minimal compared to the ongoing cost of power
production to run the Carbo Plus unit. Think global, act local, is the
operative idea that comes to mind.